Monday, April 3, 2017

Catch a fish, write a poem, listen to opera

What is living residue free?  Go shopping and watch people.  Go to different places.  Box stores, discount stores, farmers markets, thrift stores and the candy store.  Go to the post office, the library, the gas station and the park.  Go watch a soccer game played by 28 year olds and then 5 year olds.  Go to a watch a band, an artist blow glass and go to the beach when the sun is out.

 Watch people and you will know what it is to live with residue and without residue.

Go outside at the crack of dawn, dig in dirt, run with your dog, take a shopping cart back to the store for a frazzled mom trying to contain 3 toddlers.  Sit and watch TV for hours, scroll through Facebook and then watch more TV.  Go see the limbs of a tree move, catch a fish, write a poem, talk to a bird and get up and dance.  Notice, try new things, watch people, do old things, wash the dishes and sing songs. Smile when no one is looking.

Living residue free is different for everyone.  It is living without residue.

             Happy travels


Friday, March 31, 2017

Can your chores bring you joy?

Do you smile when you wash dishes, dance when you dust, hum as you pay bills?  Last night I was giving a talk on how to make friends with cleaning.  As I was chatting I realized it isn't cleaning that is the problem- it is our relationship with cleaning, our habits and belief that causes the irksomes.  What we think about cleaning or any chore will decide our fate.

As I type this blog, my joy is palatable.  I'm on fire to play with shifting our relationships with chores to ones that will support and lift us up.  Imagine driving to work singing to the radio- with a big old smile on your face.  Mowing the lawn - drenched in the smells of spring.  Scrubbing toilets as a deep meditation... the possibilities are endless.  I love this so much I can't wait to play myself.  Next bill paying session is going to be spectacular!  My cleaning day is going to rock!  And my grocery shopping a trip in curiosity!!

I've played with this idea for years but last night lightening struck!  I get it.  I'm going to play with it.  I will share it and it is going to change the world!  HA!

Today, pick something you are dreading.  Taxes, dentist, washing your socks, plucking eyebrows, brushing your teeth- anything... Create space to play in your thoughts.  A little spark is all you need for a fire to start.

Comment below- tell me what you are going to do to change your world!  One chore at a time!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Today: slightly spicy with sweet overtones

The sun is shining.  The wind is blowing.  I ate lemon, chia seed pound cake with my 3 year old niece this morning.  For lunch my hubby and I tried a new Korean restaurant and had radish soup.  It tasted like a clear potato soup.

This afternoon Lauren came over to practice my talk for her upcoming Synergy Talks.  I will add in some of my experiences with cows and kittens.  After our practice we chatted about giving talks, love and life.

After my hubby gets done giving a sound bath/singing bowl treatment I'm going to see if he wants to go for a run in the woods.

This is life.  This is my life today.  The spring flowers are starting to bloom.

I wonder, will I remember the sweetness of this day or the moments in between?  There are always moments in-between.  Those moments range in flavor from spicy, savory, bitter, salty to bland.    

When I write life feelings in terms of flavors- they all are needed in the dish.  Which flavors do I notice?  Which ones will I remember?  Do I like complicated or simple flavors?

This blog is three blogs in one.  That's what I'm going with today. 
       Notice the sweetness of the day, look for new flowers and think of the day's moments as of flavors and not judgements.

             Sat nam;-)