Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Good for your spirit quote

Hi All,
    As the weather shifts and rattles our world, I wish you all well.  While working with a wonderful client we discovered a bit of wisdom... Too good to keep to myself.

In the midst of winter
I found there was within me
An invincible summer!
                     Albert Camus

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Allert: Tight pants are detrimental to your happiness

I just got off the phone with a friend, she was having a bad day.  In our conversation, beyond the rough circumstances she is facing was a little tidbit about her wearing tight pants!  Bingo!

The other day I also wore tight pants so I know what I'm talking about.  You know, pants that cut you in the middle, constrict movement and make you feel fat!

Feel fat is the key word here.  Because I remember in high school I was tiny, a size one, no bigger than a pencil, athletic and fit...until I wore tight pants then I was none of those things.  And even though I knew, believed, and could see that I was not fat, when I wore pants that were too tight, I felt edgy, constricted, irritable, fat, frustrated and discouraged.  Nothing has changed. 

Today, I'm in pretty good shape but you put a tight pair of pants on me, watch out.  During the day, I'm 100% more likely to snip, growl and snort.  I will beat myself up for not being in better shape, review my diet and lifestyle over the past months and vow to eat better and run more. In reality, I  will more likely eat comfort food trying to sooth my jagged nerves.

As a bonus, tight pants put pressure on our backs, tighten up our hips causing an imbalance in our hips, weird out walking stride, constrict our breath and if that wasn't enough are prone to cause lower back pain.  Ha!

The solution... under no circumstance should you wear tight pants.  Take them off, put on pants that create flow, ease, and a sense of movement.  Wearing tight pants to remind yourself or encourage yourself to lose weight will backfire! 

When you are stressed you are not as happy, healthy, creative, prosperous, or resilient.  Tight pants cause stress!

We are going to have days that are less than not compound it by sabotaging your health and happiness with tight pants.

OK, I'm done with my soap box moment.  No More Tight Pants... and you will instantly improve your days!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Where cleaning is a game and mud puddles are for jumping in

Most people think because I clear clutter and owned a restoration cleaning company that I'm one of those super tidy, home always immaculate kind of gals....nope!  The thought makes me smile.

I don't care if you have dust bunnies or a full house. I do care if your eyes sparkle.  I care you live in a healthy space.  I care you are surrounded by that which gives you joy. I care that you feel loved and connected. I care there is space for you to thrive.  This is what I care about.

Perfect homes don't exist.  I love simple imperfect spaces.  I love homes that are unique, authentic, easy, effortless, funny, bright and full of fresh air.  I love families that love easily, love endlessly and love openly.

When I coach simplicity and de-cluttering,  I'm not looking for imperfections.  I'm looking for what gives you radiance and vibrancy.  I'm looking for those juicy parts of your life that need TLC.  I look to see you.  Sometimes we just need to clean off a bit of life's residue. The real you- your essence is always present.  The gift of what I do is to create space for you to breathe.

When I think of residue free living, I think of my niece.  At three years old, there isn't much life residue or clutter build up.  She thinks cleaning is a game, dandelions are beautiful and jumping in mud puddles fun.

wishing you inspired living, work and homes