Intentional Living...

Leaving each day, each room, each person, each place... a little bit better than how you found it"

Travel lightly-thoughtfully-kindly.  It prevents residue.  Residue is a bit like the soap scum in your shower.  It sneaks up, layer by layer, day after day.  Residue is clutter.  It's regret. It's pollution.  Residue is our monkey minds chattering on.  Residue is waste.  Residue is anger- sadness, happiness, love. 

Not all Residue is a weighted, sticky coating.  There is also the residue of love, of beauty, of kindness.  These leave a residue as well. 

 Residue is what we leave behind.  Travel lightly my friend.  We are the keepers of this day, of each other, of our earth.

Being Residue Free is how you feel after you clean your refrigerator- light- open- clear- refreshed.


When you love what you are doing.. you will never work.

Loving the process is a practice of being present.  Of having a clear focus, a strong why reminding your to keep going.

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Clay Artist


"Pare down to the essence but don't remove the poetry." 

Leonard Koren

Got clutter?  Relax, it's probably because you are creative with a big heart.   Clutter isn't a character flaw. What is beautiful about you is more important.  Still clutter builds and can deplete your beautiful soul.  It muddles your thoughts and makes life harder...especially to find things.  So we unclutter not to become us but to find us in all the piles.  

Clutter clearing is cleaning out the life noice and listening for the poems.  It's a life shifting pratice.

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Healthy Homes- Cleaning for Health

  How do you clean easy, quickly and joyfully?  Do you even like to clean?  Do you get the sniffles when you clean?  A little cough?  Do you love spraying yummy scents around your home?  Lighting candles.  Are you doing your best to keep your family safe and home clean?  

Cleaning Table

Residue free living is a life skill. It's a practice - an art.  I'm a coach, student, explorer.  I'm a compost pile.  And accumulation of life. Farm kid, running, books, nature, family, cleaning, clutter cleaning, mornings, pets, running a business, dishes, writing, many hats, an explorer of extraordinarily ordinary things.

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Fearless, Joyful, Determined Coach

When I started out on the farm. A messy kid who thought inside chores were for girls... I hated house care....and then I traveled with it for 55 years. Turning it into a practice and finding this below me chore could become my practice, my meditation, my stress releaving, my joy, my easy as pie.

My habit of joy.  Creating space is an act of joy.